Our purpose is simple: take care of Oregon with the help of volunteers.

In order to match our new name, SOLVE has changed its email address.

The email address has changed from "[at] solv [dot] org" to "[at] solveoregon [dot] org". We want to be sure we let all of our valued volunteers, partners and supporters know as soon as possible so please spread the word!

SOLVE is a non-profit organization that brings together proud Oregonians (native and newly-transplanted) to improve the environment and to build a legacy of stewardship. By making connections between individuals, business groups, and service and conservation groups through volunteering and education, we are building a stronger tomorrow for this place we all love. This place that, let's face it, is pretty much the biggest reason why we came (or stayed) here in the first place. We'll take care of it, together.

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  • Pleasant Valley School Pollinator Hedgerow Planting

    Come to Pleasant Valley School, home of The Wildside Crew, a group of stude

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    Tue Apr 22
  • Eola Ridge Trash Cleanup

    Join this family friendly Earth Day Trash pickup at Eola Ridge.

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    Tue Apr 22
  • Cleanup Cascade Locks

    We will be picking up trash on the streets and in the Marine Park along the

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    Thu Apr 24
  • Woolen Mill Cleanup

    Approximately 6 acres of beautiful forested area, including Monterey Cypres

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    Fri Apr 25

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